Build a hospital in Haiti for the sick and the poor. It will be a Shangri-La.

Making a Difference

Our Programs

Our Primary Ministry

The J. Peter Gruits Memorial Hospital was finally constructed in 1989 in Boccozelle, Haiti.

The J. Peter Gruits Memorial Hospital provides prenatal care, delivery services, postnatal care, well-child visits, immunizations through age 5, dental care, acute wound care and needed education to the residents of the Artibonite Valley.

Food Distribution

Packets of food being distributed to orphanage schools in the Artibonite Valley in Haiti.

Through our intense distribution program, we feed 4,000 orphans every day in Haiti.  Without this vital lifeline many children would starve.  If you would like to sponsor a food-packing at your church or school, contact our office at (248) 652-2450.

Personal Care Programs

Creating plastic sleep mats for orphans in Haiti.

We have volunteer groups providing sheets, towels and blankets; another assembling hygiene kits and a third making plastic sleep mats for orphans.  Things that we often take for granted are scarce in Haiti.  Sometimes the simplest items are the most valuable to the underserved.  Call us today to join in one of these important ministries.